About Me

About Me..

Name: Tricia

Age: 24

Occuptation: Freelance Fashion Illustrator, Currently a student of Production Management at FIT

Interests: Photography, Music, PBS, Charles Dickens, Food/Cooking/Restaurants, Fashion, Language, DIY, Travel, Pretty Things, 80's, People Watching, Writing, Bible, Old Movies (Hitchcock), Bette Davis, 90's music, Illustration.

Secretly Obsessed With: The Muppets, All white rooms, MUJI, Micron pens, Amigurumi, Seaside Towns, Paris, Audrey Hepburn, Clementine, Bossa Nova


  1. Hi Tricia!

    love your blog. Great job! post more sample sale info for us studets here at FIT ;).
    I FIT for Mara Hoffman. She is having a sample sale the weekend oj Jun 9TH if you interested.

    best of luck and see you in class,

    Asta Masedunskaite
    Fashion Institute of Technology

  2. Hello,
    I love your work!

    Do you have an email account to contact you??

    La Mode En Rose