Artists to check out: Esperanza Spalding

I've been listening to Esperanza Spalding for a few years now, and I can truly state that this is music for everyone.

I went to an Esperanza Spalding concert before I'd heard much about her and I was immediately won over. Shes about 5'1 or 5'2 and plays an instrument taller than she is, not only does she play she is an accomplished singer as well. With her warm smile she asked the crowd "Does anyone have a Scrunchie?" We all thought she was joking since her hair is HUGE, but she was serious, and as soon as a nearby girl tossed her one we were jammin' along to song like: Ponte de Areia, I Know That You Know, and my personal favorite Precious.

Her new album, Chamber Music Society, I feel, a lot more thoughtful then the previous one. Though I haven't listened to the album in its entirety yet, i can say as of right now my favorite song is Apple Blossom. She does a duet with a man, a man with THE most annoying voice. At least that's what I thought at first, I used to listen, listen and listen to this song over again to find out just why Esperanza decided to work with this individual. But in doing so, I was finally won over, their harmony is almost effortless, and it DOES grow on you.

I really want to recommend, not just this album, but the artist in general, to anyone who has yet to listen to her. No wonder she won the Grammy for Best New Artist, no one could have deserved it more.

"Together they would marvel at the birth of Spring Time. Now they stands beneath, the apple blossom every year where they used to go walking. He tells her about the summer and the autumn, the winter in his heart, and their apple blossoms" - Apple blossom, Esperanza Spalding

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