JewelMint- Finally.


It is is the start of NYFW, so everyone has Fashion on the membrane! I thought it would be as good a time as any to review my first purchase from JEWELMINT. Now as some of you may not know, jewelmint is one of those celeb-design endeavors (everyone wants to be a designer, right?) this time brought to you by Kate Bosworth and her bestie Cher.

I've been a member of Jewelmint ever since they started up (which I believe was a few if not, 2 years ago) and had yet to buy something. So I was excited to open my email and read about the recent 8.99 sale they just had (normally prices are always 29.99), so I bought something! yay!

Presenting the 'Love that Binds' bracelet! I've always been a fan of rose gold so I thought this would be a nice piece to add to my jewelry collection. I really like it.. Let me know what you think!

**Be sure to visit and fill out your 'Style evaluation', the good people at Jewelmint will match your specific style to a design that will suit your taste!

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