It's that time of year again..

I'm talking about none other than tax season! And with tax season comes TAX RETURNS! Mwhahahaha.. Each year I like to make out a list of potential purchases to make with a portion of the funds I receive back and then I slowly filter out the wants from the essentials.. With this year I've been trying to change up my wardrobe and start buying pieces I can grow with. As always your comments and suggestions are appreciated!

1. ASOS Blouse with Lace Detail: I love delicate tops, this one is intricate and dainty- plus the price is just right!
2. Zara Plaited Leather Shopper: This has been a hot item for this season and last, a perfect black bag for travel or business- just what my closet needs! Conveniently, I don't own any black bags right now.. Talk about justification..
3. Bass Casell Leather Loafers: I prefer loafers to flats, they last longer in my opinion and are a bit more boyish which is what I like.
4. Asos Heron Leather Lace Wedges: I'm slowly transitioning my wardrobe into a lot of neutral and black, this wedge would fit in perfectly with my new aesthetic!
5. Asos AXE Leather Western Ankle Boots with Chelsea Detail: I had a pair of boots just like these that have succumbed to over-use, so these would be a great replacement.. Also they have a great Alexander Wang-vibe about them..
6. Celine Audrey Sunglasses: These babies are sold out, and way out of my price range, but I'm looking for something along the same lines. They're straight out of "Breakfast at Tiffany's".
7. ASOS Midi Dress with Pockets: I love easy sophisticated dresses that you can just throw on. Effortless chic is the definition of this dress.
8. ASOS Shirt With Cutout And Dip Back: I tend to shy away from loud colors- green especially, but this shirt is so simple and I could see it going with a lot of pieces in my wardrobe. Plus, the back is so fun!
9. Zara Basic Sandal: I'd been looking for a simple black heel and these are so pretty, and the price is awesome!
10. Asos Helios Leather Heeled Gladiator Sandal: I don't own any red shoes. This leather sandal is something I can feel myself growing with. Don't you think?

*photos via: Zara, Asos, G.H. Bass, and google images

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