...because I deserve it dagnabbit! part deux.

Alright. A few things have changed since my previous rant, I started to re-examine if it was in my best interest to buy those $300 clogs. Since then I've ooh-ed and ahh-ed at a few potential purchases and I think this is my final list.. I think... (all images have been sourced from google images)

1. Ipod Touch (32gb). Yeah so, the whole ipod upgrade was non-negotiable for my list. I really needed the ipod, it has enough space for all my music and books aswell. So i'm happy.

2. Furla Candy Bag. Are you kidding..? Do I even have to explain why I'm buying this bag? And that It's one of the most sought after accessories of this season? Yeah, didn't think so..

3. Canon s95. So. I did a bunch of research and this little guy apparently its your Digital SLR back up on vacation or basically on the go. I mean, as much as i would like to, it's kind of a pain lugging your 1.5 lb camera around.. Anywho, Susie bubble uses it, so I MUST HAVE IT TOO!

4. Mattress. I've been really meaning to buy a new mattress, the other day reallly strained my arm trying to sleep. So I think it's about time.

5. The Parisian Guide to Chic by Ines de la Fressange. Like many other women, I am very interested in finding out how french women are so effortlessly chic, and so this manual I read about in a few magazines is sure to be helpful! I can't wait to read it, and the illustrations inside are pretty zany too.

6. **If possible... a boot. an all purpose boot that i can run into the ground and they'll still look good. Right now I'm still looking at the Climber Jeffrey Campbell boot.. but we'll see if anything else comes around.

What's great is, I'm not even using my whole return for these purchases. I've decided to be somewhat responsible and use the rest to pay off some bills completely (take THAT J.crew!) and for other misc. tasks. mwhaha



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