The color or notion of Nude has developed a whole new concept in the world of Fashion in recent years, I must confess it has taken hold of me. Nude is one of my favorite statements now.
Nail polish lines like O.P.I and Essie have recently begun manufacturing fleshtone hues in response to the recent trend, and are being seen on runways around the world.

What I appreciate about the flesh tone or Nude concept, is that to me its a subdued statement. There is, of course, some general appeal in wearing colors that match your skin tone exactly. It creates somewhat of an optical illusion (the appearance of being nude when one is clearly fully clothed) and is pleasing to the eye. When I say that it is pleasing to the eye, don't mistake me. Not that I want to walk around having people do double takes thinking I'm half naked. Since this concept should to be executed impeccably and simplisticly, it almost always leads to a clean and classic look.
But how does one go about this? Well, who am I to tell others how they should dress? We leave it to the discretion and taste of the wearer. I can however show you a few  examples of what I mean.

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