Know your Neighborhood!

I've always thought that tourists have generally a better knowledge of New York City and the surrounding boroughs than I do. I've never been to Ellis Island (no desire to go either) or been to the top of the Empire State or Chrysler Buildings. After thinking about it I have resolved to become a more knowledgeable New Yorker, hence the my new movement 'Know Your Neighborhood'. To make it more interesting, I have also decided to do photo diaries for certain expeditions.

Here is a list of what to expect in the future:

Tricia Eats NYC Vol. 1 Desserts, Vol. 2 Tea shops, Vol. 3 International Cuisines, Vol. 4 Drinks?

Tricia's Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Long island.

Let's hope this gives me motivation for summer activities, since I am currently too poor for a summer vacation. Also, I encourage everyone to get to know your town! You may find out interesting facts along the way.

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