..because I deserve it, dagnabbit!

Yes, that's right! I deserve it! I put up with a HUGE amount of excrement this past year, not to mention they taxed the mess out of all my checks.. So while I am saving for school (there goes my social life -__-), since I get a decent amount back this year, I am treating myself! Anyone got a problem with that?!

Haha.. Its ok I'm cool. Well, here's my tax return present to myself list!

Jeffrey Campbell Boot.. ahh.. so beautiful..

Free People platform!

New Ipod Touch *with face time!*

Rebecca Minkoff  Black LACE blazer *swoon*

 You know, I'm beginning to think things would be a LOT easier for me if I had a wealthy benefactress, or patron! Oh well.. I can't say I'll get EVERYTHING on my list, so we'll see how it goes!