THE Face Shop.

Wow, kudos to me for finding another hidden gem, The Face Shop! I believe this store to be the Korean equivalent to The Body Shop, (completely equipt with the celebrity pretty boy endorsement) this store is everywhere in Korea. 

At last! I was really looking for another store to replace my long lost body store, Missha (i still have their red mango body milk, yum), and since I'm not ready to comb through Flushing's Korea town, this was most convenient. I found this store en route to the Korean book store, I was looking up some elementary-type books to practice my reading with, and they were conveniently joined together.

This little shop is crammed to the brim with masks and facials, they even have peels strictly for your nose (Die black heads! Die!).

So I picked up a few items to try, and when they run out, best believe I'm stocking up on some facial masks in every flavor (ahh.. soothing tea tree oil and bergamot).

F.S. Haul:
2 Tea tree & Bergamot mask
Milk baby powder shower cologne (?)- it smells like babies : )
Whitening face wash- supposed to, over time, improve your completion
SOUL Secret Blossom Fragrance- Gustav Klimt paintings are on the box!
I'm pretty happy with my purchase and I cannot wait to try out these products!

visit The Face Shop: 32nd street between 5th and 6th avenue in NYC

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