What's in my bag?

Finally! My first 'what's in my bag' post (not that anyone really cares). I am gearing up to do monthly editions of this segment. This month I have been using my Vintage Fendi Satchel on and off so I'll start with that.

Vintage Fendi Satchel
Palm Pixi
Ipod touch
Various charging cords - somethin's always ready to die on me.. -__-
Canon s95- You never know when you'll need it, I like to have a camera on hand. (picture was taken by said camera)
Daniel Deronda- I always like to have a good book on hand when I get in one of my moods for pretentious reading material..
Harajuku Daiso planner- I love my Japanese planner, I mean there are bunnies on it, its in English AND French, and its compact
Parisian mirror compact- my friend who went on a spontaneous trip to Paris bought it for me.
various Japanese pens- they write super fine, the way i like!
tiny bible and daily text- read God's word daily, period.
Bath and body works warm vanilla sugar- I like smelling like vanilla : )
chap stick
American apparel leather pouch- I currently use it as my wallet, I love how easy it is and of course the tan color.

I know it seems like a lot but most of this stuff is tiny.

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