Modern Day Cinderella..

We've all waited for this day whether you'll admit it or not. The Royal Wedding! My mom was upset that I didn't wake her up earlier to watch the live coverage "You have no regard for the royal wedding" she said as she shook her head in dismay.  

Anyway, there was a lot of talk as to the Catherine Middleton dress, which we know now is by Alexander McQueen (the new creative director, Sarah Burton), and how elegant it looks. I really do like this dress a lot, I was highly concerned that it would end up being the dreaded Tube n' Poof (as I like to call it), but was pleasantly surprised.  

Then I remembered something.. And my mind flashed back to my early childhood. This dress reminds me so much of Cinderella's Wedding dress at the end of the movie!! Hm.. 

..what do you think?

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