Sacré bleu! Parisian Chic!

I just wanted to take some time out to show heart felt appreciation to the life style book I just purchased.
Parisian Chic: Style guide by Ines de la Fressange

Alright, I'm about, I dunno, only 40 or so pages into this book, and I'm absolutely enthralled about it. I feel as if I'm learning for the very first time how to appropriately style for every occasion (that's a little sad right?).

This book is broken into many diffferent facets, from the essential accessory to what to know when organizing small dinner parties, touching on almost every aspect of a chic parisians' lifestyle . What I appreciate about this guide is that it's very approachable and has a personal feel to it; holding the soft red leather cover in your hands, its almost as if you're flipping through an old journal.

I actually lent this book to my mom, and she already has made several markings and page creasings; I had to kindly remind her that the book did not belong to her. My point in saying all this is that Parisian Chic is a very enjoyable book and is quite comical, and easy to read.

I recommend it to the girl who want to be French at heart (even though she may live, say, on the south shore of LI).

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