Will this actually be a good summer?


Of course I've been totally bombarded by work and planning my vacation, but I did get around to writing a summer to-do list! This is totally un-like me because I like to pass the summer in my basement, watching movies where it is cool and eating corn.. or icecream : ). This year though I am determined to have a fun summer full of activity!

1. Go to a Polo match
2. Visit a really posh restaurant
3. Go to museums that aren't typically frequented
4. Learn about wine?
5. Re-decorate my room
6. Actually go on a SUMMER vacation
7. Do more cultural events.

There are many many more, but I wont sit here and bore you with the details.. Anyways I am off to work on a photo shoot which will be posted soon! And then I'm going to the theatre! *says with a distinguished air*

Happy Summer (Wow.. I actually said that?)

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