So on my recent trip to Canada, I was determined to integrate some French music into my normal repetoir, and so began my laborious search for the perfect soundtrack for my vacation! Thats when I stumbled upon Clémentine.


Clémentine, is a popular French Jazz musician who's Japanese Debut has made her very popular to the Japanese audience. When I listen to Clémentine, whether I am walking in the rain, or simply getting ready to start the day her music is like the perfect background music for having an adventure. And whats awesome about Clémentine is that she sings in about 5 languages, French, English, Spanish, Portugese, and Japanese!

Clémentine's album, Couleur Cafe, is the perfect mix of French Jazz, Bossa Nova (a Brazillian-type Jazz), and light hearted salsa music.


Have a listen!


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