Back to school wish list pt. 1: Coats

Forgive me Readers, not only have I not posted for a while, school has just ended and I'm already bombarding you with back to school wardrobe wish lists? Heaven help me.. Now that apologies are out of the way, I wanted to share a few coats I've had my eye on with you.

Each of these lovely coats are from Asos, in fact all the items I plan to share with you are from Asos. I haven't shopped there in a while and I figured I may as well take advantage of the huge sale going on. 

Because I'm a student at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), it is my responsibility to keep track of trends while being able to walk to the beat of my own fashion drum (poetic, I know), so it isn't that odd that I'm thinking this far in advance. After all NYFW is just around the corner, and important people, such as myself have to be ready to be photographed at all times (don't mind my sarcasm). 

Now then, back to the coats.

1. Asos Premium Check Car Coat: I really love this item because of its subtle sophistication and, of course, the check print. It goes from dressy to casual with little effort.

2. Asos Trench Coat with Quilted Detail: The color of this coat is really nice, a lovely jewel-tone, and I love the quilted covering up top.

3. Eleven Paris Fur Collar Jacket: This jacket is sooooo Alexander Wang FW2011, I love it to death.. Too bad the price doesn't love me..

4. Asos Premium Car Coat: I hearted this version of the coat as well. You can never go wrong with camel, it's classic.

5. Asos Leather Blazer: This leather blazer for some reason reminds me of The Row, and it I could see Ashley O wearing it.. Isn't that reason enough to love it?

More wish lists ahead!

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