DIY: Note Cards

Kissy's perfectly manicured fingers gluein' down some flowers

There is nothing I enjoy better than staying in on the weekends and gettin' crafty. That's right, I'm talkin' blow1/4 of your paycheck on stuff you may never use-crafty. And this weekend I did just that.

Getting together with my friend Kissy and making our own note cards was so much fun.. Its sad though, I feel I've grown too attached to them to actually give them away- but what can you do?

You can use virtually any kind of medium to decorate your own blank cards. We used gouache, glitter, fabric flowers, baker's twine and more which you can find at your local craft or art supply store. I purchased my blank cards from Paper Presentation- which happens to be my go-to card stock and stationery store.

What are you waiting for? Get DIYin'!

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