Intern Diaries: Part One

Vera Wang Fall 2012 Bridal Collection

Yesterday was my first day at my VW internship, I survived. One can never tell what one's first day will be like, but what I CAN tell you is I know already that I'm going to learn a lot of useful things.

When I first walked in and they told me I had my own desk, I was astonished. Don't get me wrong, its not as if I was treated unfairly at my previous internships- its just that.. well, you should've seen it! It was identical to every other desk in the office, lovely and spacious. It really made me feel like a valued employee. Don't mind me, I just feel as though its the little things that count.

As for tasks, I had to, like most interns, trek through the Garment district, picking up this and dropping off that. It reminded me of my early intern days at Anna Sui and made me somewhat nostalgic.. When I got back they had me help with the layout of the embroidery of the dress shown above. I hadn't done that before so it was interesting and exciting to have an important role to play so early in the game.

I hope you continue to follow me.

Photo via nataliastyle


  1. Sounds intriguing already ;)

  2. Wow - your day seemed hectic! I've never done the intern thing, but have heard how crazy it can be. This dress is divine! Shame we are only supposed to get married once as I've found about 4 I want to wear for my big day! xxx

    South Molton St Style

  3. Sounds like a good gig. Keep the updates coming!