Intern Diaries: Part Two

Look book photos from Vera Wang Bridal Fall 2011

For those two have been keeping up with my Intern Diaries, I'm sorry for the lack of posts. During NYFW I became totally preoccupied with taking street fashion photos. I actually had a post written, but something happened and it got deleted -__-.. But anyway..

My internship has been going well so far! A lot of errand running, yes, but that's the nature of the beast. Some employee actually asked me which department I worked in! Unfortunately, I had to inform her of my being an intern, but it felt good to be mistaken as a full time worker : ).

Very recently I was actually able to sit in on my first fitting with the Bridal department. It was really interesting to see the process from design to runway to actual production happening right in front of me and understanding that what is shown on the runway may not be exactly what is sold to the public based on the practicality for mass production. Its been really great being able to soak it all up, and mentally file points away for when its my responsibility to make those kinds of decisions.

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