Madama Butterfly

I always love coming to Lincoln Centre, especially at night. It totally has a different vibe than in the day time. Everyone is dressed so well to go out, and it adds to the ambiance of the whole scene. Even though I'm a poor student (-__-), I try to make it a point to come out to performances every now and again, to remind me of what experiencing the arts in New York is really like.

Yesterday night I had the opportunity to go to the MET Opera for the first time, to see the popular, Madama Butterfly. I'm so glad I picked it for my first opera, it kept me interested and the staging and props were excellent, you could really feel the emotions in each scene (especially in the scene after the Butterfly and Pinkerton's wedding here). I'm really grateful to have gotten my ticket since the MET is only running a few performances this season.

As usual don't mind my ramblings, I just wish you could have been there too!

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  1. Ah never though of the Lincoln Centre as anything other than the location for NYFW, it's so nice to see it in the nighttime too!