February Playlist


I tend to be drawn towards feelings of nostalgia, so this month I'm playing songs that take me down memory lane.

1. Talking heads- Psycho killer
2. Talking heads- Burning down the house
3. Alanis Morissette- You learn
4. Madonna- Borderline
5. Madonna- Crazy for you
6. Eric Carmen- Hungry eyes
7. The sundays- When i think of you
8. The cure- Pictures of you
9. The cure- Close to me
10. The beatles- Please Please me
11. The beatles- Michele
13. Akino Arai- Sora no Aosa
14. Akino Arai- Solitude
15. Maaya sakamoto- Mahou no yuki
16. maaya sakamoto- park amsterdam
17. Bobby Vinton- Blue Velvet
18. Annie  Lenox- No more i love yous
20. Patrick Swayze- She's like the wind

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