Store Profile: ZARA

It's a bright Saturday afternoon on a crisp winter day, one of the rare times that I have to work on a weekend, I leave the office and make my way home. I take my normal route, the N train uptown to Herald Square; when I reach street-level something in the light catches my eye, its the transparent glass doors of ZARA reflecting the afternoon sun. I decide to head over for a peak, 'Can't be worse than FOREVER 21 on a saturday' I reason, then briskly make my way over.  
I'm not really looking for anything in particular-' I think to myself, 'Maybe a stylish accessory or that blazer that I can't seem to find anywhere..'. The security guard greets me as I swing open the heavy glass doors, entering the realm of Spanish fast-fashion. Shakira's Waka Waka is playing over the stereo system and so I take that as my cue to start combing for another unexpected find.. Making my way past the racks of shearling coats and camel ponchos, I notice a red skirt that seems to be calling out to me. 'I normally don't wear much red, but people say its my color.." I quickly scoop up an XS and continue looking for perspective finds.

I head over to the blazer area.. Normally, I don't like to spend more than 50 on any SINGLE item, but if its a well made garment then its worth the extra cost because of the amount of wear I'll get out of it. A mauve, velveteen blazer catches my eye,'I don't have much in this color.. And I'm pretty sure I heard someone say purple was the new black' I reason, and so I add it to my haul of try-ons.  

I maneuver past other shoppers, eyeing their choices as well as their outfits (I always say people watching in NYC, it's like a window shopping in motion, there are so many stylish people to observe), and head on down to the back of the store, the SALE section.. There are many fur collared sweaters and double breasted cardigans, but the last thing I need is ANOTHER SWEATER, so I bypass it and head towards the accessory/shoe wall. 'Ah!, they still have these suede taupe-colored stacked heels I was thinking of buying, '$50 isn't a bad price.. But I'm not sure it suits me.. it seems like a BEBE girl would wear this.. and I'm not really a BEBE girl'.  

I head into the fitting room to try out everything I've picked up, 'this red skirt.. I'll come back for it when its on sale, and i don't think i need any sweaters, so I'll just get the blazer'. When left the dress room i stumbled upon a lovely red leather purse, on sale for $49, so after much deliberation (about 2 minutes of thought) I decided to buy the bag as well.. Overall my purchases amounted to less than $140, 'not too bad if I do say so myself..'. As I leave ZARA the same security guard gives me a nod, i reply with a smile, at the same time I can't help but wonder..'How long until that red skirt will be on sale..?'.


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