While strolling through Lincoln Center.. I happened upon NY Fashion Week

Ok, so.. I wasn't strolling.. And I didn't exactly 'happen upon' it either..

I just wanted to share some street fashion photos from outside the tents of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (for most of us out there, outside the tents is a close as we're gonna get -__-). This happened to be my first time going about taking pictures of random fashionable strangers, but I figure, having a fashion-themed blog I better start hustlin' and giving my readers (however few of you there are) a reason to stay 'tuned in'. Enjoy.

I really liked how she tied all these pieces into one outfit.

He made his fancy goggles.

I like his bow tie.

Nice shoes.


Awesome hat..

Aw, get it Arielle!

Free stuff..

"Here's lookin' at you, kid"

"Welcome to NY  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!"

I've seen her somewhere before..



Models loungin'

Fashion at Whole Foods!

I'd love to go scurrying after some more people, but I think I've developed a cold.. Anyway, I can't be sure who half of these people are, but they sure got style. All of them were willing (and ready?) to have their photos taken by random passerbys, and I appreciate that. 



  1. Hey Tricia,

    You got tons of really great photos. I love how all of these people are like instantly pose-ready. They all look fabulous!

    Nice job. Keep it up!


  2. Nice tricia! You got some great shots!