Man Repeller X TIBI

Well, Yesterday was certainly what I'd call a productive day. Work went ridiculously slow as I expected it to, a problem occurred OF COURSE at the last minute, but I fixed it and almost ran out the door. Why? Did my 'general dislike of my work environment reach an all time high that it sent me running out the doors???' Well not exactly.. Almost, but not exactly. Yesterday Bloomingdales had an event to showcase The Man Repeller (a popular fashion blogger) styling for TIBI, a high end design label.

 **For those of you who are not acquainted with the Man Repeller I'll give you a quick rundown. Leandra Medine, the Man Repeller, is a Fashion Blogger known for repelling the opposite sex with her fashion choices (EX: harem pants, jewelry closely resembling 'weaponry', turbans and the like).

I was going to take a glass.. but was too afraid I'd spill.

Even though I didn't see the Man Repeller dressing the Bloomingdales windows I was just in time for the 'meet and greet', which was surprisingly a lot of fun. Within the Tibi area on the 2nd floor of Bloomingdales there were fellow fashion bloggers, Tibi PR staff, photographers, and bubbly teenage girls ready to fawn over Leandra in all her Majesty! (literally.) 

Repeller Styled Window


The Man Repeller was about 6ft in her precarious looking wedges decked to the brim in TIBI and fully equipt with a mischevious grin. I'm not sure if this was her first 'meet and greet' but she was quite friendly, taking pictures upon pictures with her giggly fans, giving style advice and making conversation. I was able to speak with her for a moment and she seemed quite personable, it was neat.

Repeller and friends

Man Repellers LOVE double watch combos
I think my favorite part of the evening (aside from getting a picture with TIBI designer, Amy Smilovic, was being asked repeatedly "Are you a Blogger? Do you blog?", and I would casually respond and hand out a business card. Good Times! Met some other cool bloggers as well.
your darn right!


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun Tricia! Great way to get your name out too. Isn't it so much fun to be a blogger? lol