Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale!

All I can say is I'm really glad that I popped out of work to run to the bank.. because there it was in all its glory!

It was right then that I knew my weekend was off to a great start.. So I hurried back after work and encountered a terrible sight.. It was as if I had some how stumbled into a den of lioness' during a feeding. and the bags were fat and slow wildebeests just waiting to be devoured.. It was bad.. girls were in there with like 3-5 bags on EACH arm. 

the line..
 I almost bought 1 bag, but then reasoned to myself, that I may want to eat something two months from now so I probably shouldn't.. So instead I got something cute and REASONABLE, a black alligator card/money holder pouch-thingamabob. Yeah, i really don't know EXACTLY what it is.. but it's cute!


I opened it later on and this was what was inside..

Vincent looks like Ricky Martin, and I will not be calling! I'm mad this number has a local area code on it.. SMH. Anyways, you can still hit up this sale its going on until SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! (yes, I had to)

Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale:
155 5th Avenue New York, NY
Wednesday 5/11- Saturday 5/14:  10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sunday 5/15: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.


  1. Wish I were there!
    The bags look amazing!
    And I'm laughing out loud to the number that guy gave you! SMH indeed!

    Love your blog, we met at the Man Repeller event :)

    Follow and check my blog out!
    You have a new follower! ;)


  2. Thx I had been readin your blog since last week.. Ur like a pro! I'm following u on blog lovin' but I'll add u to my list as well, thx for the support I neeeed it, tell ur friends!