Ph-Ph-Ph-PHO 32 Shabu Shabu!

I decided to blog a bit about a restaurant I always seem to come back to, and that is well known for reliable food and satisfying service, PHO 32. In the middle of K-town on 32nd street, between Broadway and 5th avenue, this restaurant is a Vietnamese gem in a sea of Korean restaurants. I first ate at PHO 32 while I was in college (FIT) a few years back, a college friend of mine treated me to lunch, and since then its been one of my favorite places to go for a quick, delicious and filling bite to eat.

If you're going to PHO 32 for the first time I suggest trying the namesake dish, PHO, which isn't your typical noodle soup. This a Vietnamese soup has a medley of interesting spices like clove and star anise which give it a distinct and pleasant aroma. Typically this soup is made from a beef stock, but they do serve a chicken version and a vegetarian option as well. When they bring you this soup, be sure to pile on the cilantro, lime juice and bean sprouts, which top of this slow cooked soup with a nice fresh flavor.  And don't forget all the condiments too, like Sriacha (Vietnamese hot sauce), hoisin sauce, or soy sauce. This soup is definitely a longtime favorite of mine.

For those of you who don't like soup or are looking for something different to try, order the Vermicelli Noodle bowl. This cold noodle salad is not only vibrant in color but is simple and flavorful.  The components are very simple, a cold rice noodle lines the bottom of the bowl, followed by a combination of vegetables and fruit including tomato, pineapple, lettuce. On top of the noodle bowl is a flavorful grilled meat, whether it be grilled pork or shrimp or even both! You top it all off with a sweet fish sauce (and in my personal combo of extra fish sauce and Sriacha). As much as I hate it, I'm going to have to pull a Rachel Ray and say this dish is YUM-O! 

fried shrimp ball! yum

Another feature of this restaurant, that unfortunately I can't comment too much about since I have yet to try is the Shabu Shabu. Shabu Shabu is a Japanese soup, where you traditionally cook your ingredients at your table on your own mini stove or hotplate. I definitely will be trying it somewhere along the line, but right now I'm craving a bowl of chicken Pho.

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  1. The next time I'm in the city on store visits I'll convince my coworkers to try this place out. Thanks for the recommendation!